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The Social Network Actors and their Real-Life Counterparts

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is the webpage introducing the movie The Social Network movie. Below are the photos of the actors in the movie and their counterparts in real life.

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Questions on the Moive “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix”

July 23, 2007 Leave a comment

🙂 “Confession”: Neither am I quite a fan of Harry Potter series, nor familiar with this series of story. But I was puzzled while watching the movie “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” yesterday.

  1. It looks to me that this psycho new female teacher Dolores Umbridge from ministry of magic arranged these dark creatures to attack Harry Potter in the tunnel in order to frame Harry to violate the ban on using magic outside school. But in the court, it also says that only the powerful ones like Voldemort can drive these dark creatures out of Azkaban. Could she do it?
  2. Voldemort gave Harry a false illusion about Sirius Black being tortured, and he seemed to lure Harry to ministry building and get the prophecy ball. Why couldn’t dark lord find it by himself? It only has thousands of balls there, but the dark lord knows this room where the prophecy ball is kept, after all. Why did he send his death eaters to kill Harry while he already regained full power even the physical form.
  3. Is that psycho new female teacher Dolores Umbridge on the dark side? Why did she want to repel Harry from his magic school? I thought they all were just afraid of dark lord so they pretended to not believe headmaster Dumbledore. But later, it seems that the resigned minister really didn’t know dark lord was back. Then why did that psycho Dolores Umbridge want to frame Harry?
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