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About writing LaTex Formulas online and on WordPress

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Online LaTex Equation Editor (this is similar to Scientific Workplace)

Latex Lab Project (hosted at Google Code) and LaTex to PDF can help write LaTex codes and compile codes without installing MikTex system on your local computer.

Online instructions and forums:

The codes for the formula cov(X,Y)=\mathbb{E}\left( cov(X,Y|Z)\right) +cov(\mathbb{E}(X|Z),\mathbb{E}(Y|Z)) on are

$ latex cov(X,Y)=\mathbb{E}\left( cov(X,Y|Z)\right) +cov(\mathbb{E}(X|Z),\mathbb{E}(Y|Z)) $

where $ latex must stick together without a space. The reason that I separated $ from the word latex is that I want to avoid that formula from being displayed again so that purely codes are shown above.

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Using Mathematica to Illuminate Ideas & Some Online Calculators

September 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Wolfram launches a demonstration project that uses animations to illuminate some mathematical ideas. For example, this Random Branching Process animation demonstrates a Markov process that models a population in which each branch (or individual) splits into two with a certain probability.

The following are some interesting online math calculation tools.  Online Matrix Calculator ,  Wolfram Integrator ,  Wolfram WebMathematica

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