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Shortcuts for Scientific WorkPlace

September 26, 2008 Leave a comment

The purpose of writing this post is to give a hand-over-fist short introduction for getting familiar with this fantastic friendly-interfaced Scientific Workplace in a minute. This post will be updated soon later.

Basic Scientific WorkPlace Shortcuts (press letter keystrokes while pressing Ctrl key in the mean time):

Ctrl+R  —  Square root
Ctrl+T  —  Switch between Math fonts and Regular fonts
Ctrl+I  —  Integration
Ctrl+D  —  Display of formulas
Ctrl+F  —  Fraction
Ctrl+H  —  Upper Script  (here, H stands for high)
Ctrl+L  —  Lower Script
Ctrl+alpha  —  \alpha  (the LaTex code for typing
\alpha is \alpha , so basically typing the same symbol or character in Scientific Workplace is just to type “alpha” as well as pressing the keystroke Ctrl instead of typing the backslash \)
Ctrl+infty  —  \infty
Ctrl+9  —  parenthesis ( )


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