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Set Up Wireless Router at Home

This basic instruction is only for setting up a wireless network at apartment using TRENDnet wireless router. Actually, I didn’t know what other options really mean while setting up wireless network by myself because it’s really little time consuming. Anyway, it should be enough for a beginner (hope so 🙂 ).

Here is the PDF file showing the settings for an invisible mode. The router’s model is DIR-615 Wireless N 300.

  1. Install the required software from the CD in the package of wireless router.
  2. Use Internet Browser to log on to set up everything about router. Usually wireless can be accessible when the router is connected with cable directly. If wireless isn’t connected, then also connect the computer with the router using another cable.
  3. The default administrator’s login name and password are: “admin”, password: “admin”. Similarly, the default user’s name is “user”.
  4. The password for administrator who controls the wireless router’s settings can be changed at “Main –> Password”. (Remark: This password is the not for other people who can see this wireless signal to get access to internet).
  5. The name appeared on the list of wireless signals (which is SSID) can be changed at “Wireless –> Basic”.
  6. The password for accessing this wireless signal you just set up can be changed at “Wireless –> Security”. Then, choose the “Authentication Type” to be “WPA2” or “WPA”, and “Passphrase” is the the password for other people to surf Internet using the wireless network you set up. (Of course, one can also change the authentication type there)

Remark 1: If the administrator of wireless network forgets the password to all settings, then he/she can reset everything back to factory default settings. (There’s a little hole on the router for reset)

Remark 2: For a D-Link router, there are few things little different. The log in address for setting up the router is The default administrator’s name is “admin”, and password is empty (or nothing).

Remark 3: One can choose a channel (1 ~ 11) different from the channels of available wireless signals he/she can receive. This helps reduce the interference of wireless signals and increase the speed, because the less wireless networks share the same channel, the better wireless signal you can get. This article gives 10 good tips for improving your wireless network at home.

Remark 4: To figure out the unique MAC address (the physical address for Ethernet adapter or wireless network adapter) for your computer, one first opens the “Command Prompt” whose interface is similar to DOS from Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Command Prompt (or Start –> Run, then type cmd), and then type ipconfig /all . The physical address of the adapter is of the form like 00-13-58-E2-D9-2D.

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